“When it comes to making decisions about life, goals, work, etc, Stephen has a unique approach which helps his clients weigh out what they have to gain, vs their opportunity cost and acceptable levels of risk. He has a way of empathizing with whoever is listening to him, and communicating advice clearly with actionable steps. I would recommend Stephen if you’re looking for someone to help you achieve what’s next for you.” – AH


“Stephen Andrew Coaching really helped me get organized and set goals for myself. I struggle with depression so it’s very important for me to have a set routine, and this did the trick.” ~ JB


“Loving your course! It’s been super helpful! Biggest take away so far has been setting goals before planning, otherwise you’re just spinning your wheels. Lightbulb moment! Bravo!” ~ ED


“As I started my first meeting with Stephen and we were about 45 minutes into it, I became very comfortable and confident that Stephen is able to help but even better, he’s going to be able to help me and push me into the person I one day want to be. In just this past month Stephen has taken my life and completely flipped it around. I no longer live paycheck to paycheck, in fact he has guided me into a place financially that I never dreamed of being in.” ~Anonymous


“Thanks to Stephen Couture for helping me get to a good spot at my job/in my life!” ~ CC


“You have done a great job with the structure and format. The content is full of simple yet profound guidance for success.” ~ DC


“Your course is well thought out and well implemented. Very inspiring and encouraging.” ~ ED