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The Myth of Ignorant Bliss
Ignorance is Bliss. This old saying implies the less you know, the less you are responsible for, and the less you have to worry about. The [...]
5 Ways to Survive This “Unsurvivable” Life!
When everything goes wrong, how do you not lose your head (figuratively, or literally) and just get things figured out? I have a number of [...]
I wish I could have more time and money. I wish that I could travel more. I wish I liked my job. I wish life wasn’t so hard. I wish that [...]
Contentment or Complacency?
Is it possible to be content and want more? Does it make you greedy to be driven and desire to gain more out of life? Too often we think [...]
Avoiding the Kid Stigma: 5 Ways to Integrate Successfully into the Adult Professional World
How do I get the world to take me seriously? How do I make more than minimum wage? How do I actually get a job? Why won’t they promote me [...]